Museum Ždiarksy dom

(excursion No. 1 on Monday, excursion No. 2 on Tuesday, excursion No. 3 on Wednesday) This excursion offers you the opportunity to see how our ancestors lived and worked at the beginning of the last century. The exposition contains an exhibition of folk costumes, work tools, the interior of the original wooden houses. After visiting the museum, you will become a direct participant of the “Ždiar Wedding” (according to your interest) in a traditional local costume. The excursion includes lunch at the stylish Goral Restaurant.

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Dates of excursion: MO 26th July 2021, TU 27th July 2021, WE 28th July 2021
Excursion point: village Ždiar, GPS: N49 ° 16'15 '' E20 ° 15'53 ''
Price: 20, - EUR
Total excursion time 4 hours
Total route (including return trip): approx. 100 km
Content of the excursion:

Link: zdiar.eu/sk/sluzby/muzeum/muzeum-zdiarsky-dom.html

Spiš Castle

(excursion No. 4 on Monday, excursion No. 5 on Tuesday, excursion No. 6 on Wednesday) Spiš Castle is one of the largest castle complexes in Slovakia it is a national cultural monument registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The upper castle is made up of a palace and a defensive tower. The middle castle with the main gate is used for presentations of historical period life demonstration of pottery and craft production. After visiting the castle visitors move to lunch at a nearby restaurant from which they can individually return to the campsite.


Dates of excursion: 26.07.2021, 27.07.2021, 28.07.2021
Excursion point: Žehra village, GPS: N48 ° 59'55 '' E20 ° 46'45 ''
Price: 20, - EUR
Total excursion time: 5 hours
Total route (including a return trip): approx. 160 km
Content of the excursion:

Link: www.spisskyhrad.sk/en.html

Nestville destillery

(excursion No. 7 on Friday without lunch, excursion No. 8 on Friday including lunch) The new exhibition Nestville Park is a unique project within the recovery of tourism in northern Spiš. The aim is to show visitors the history, traditional crafts, exceptional skills of people living in this area. These stages and artifacts are gradually shown in separate parts of the exposure:

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Dates of excursion: 30.07.2021 - after the Parade of Nations
Place of excursion: village Hniezdne (Arrival park), GPS: 49°18'12'' E20°37'51''
Price: 5, - EUR without lunch (excursion No. 7)
Price: 25,- EUR including lunch (excursion No. 8)
Total excursion time: 1 hour
Total route (Parade of nations with return trip): approx 45 km
Content of the excursion:

Link: www.nestville.sk/?lang=en